Proof of Concept

Client: Sweco Sverige AB

Project: Enhanced citizen dialogue

Industry: Society building

During the spring and summer of 2022, Sweco and Around The Corner teamed up and explored how Metaverse can add new and improved value to the civil engineering industry. This project focused on how digital twins (digital copies of buildings) developed by Sweco could be used for other purposes, in this case for improved citizen dialog. 

This resulted in a project where a digital twin of Magnentus tower in Norrköpings kommun was adapted and imported to the Microsoft-owned Metaverse platform AltspaceVR.

Around the Corner developed three different simulation modules that visualize how the building will affect the sun flow, how the building looks at different heights, and how other surface materials on the building would look, all from a neighbor’s perspective.

Visits the project via AltSpaceVR and enter the code GXM622

Project movie

About the project (Sweco)

Article about Metaverse and Around the Corner in the industry paper “Samhällsbyggaren”

Another article about the project From a Sweco perspective in Samhällsbyggaren

Learning & education

Client: Swish

Project: Business solution education

Industry: Payment solutions

The awarded and fast-growing Swedish tech and payment solution company Swish continuously explores new and immersive ways to provide its services to the market. An obvious thing for Swish is to explore Metaverse and how it can be used for different purposes and situations.

In the first case, Around the Corner developed “The Swish plaza” where the visitor can take part in different scenarios to better understand the Swish for business solutions. To make the experience the way Swish wanted it, Around the Corner needed to develop new integration and interaction solutions.

When visitors enter the plaza they automatically have a mobile phone in their hand. When they come close to one of the marked information signs, the mobile interacts with the presented information and shows it on the screen. The custom-made solutions makes the Plaza very suitable for education and training and that’s also how Swish uses it today.

Visits the project via AltSpaceVR and enter the code LTI324

Swish article (EN)

Swish article (EN)


“Unbelievably awesome”

Maria Hellström, CEO of Kvadrat, regarding VR conference with over 300 participants.

“Creates incredible value”

Fredrik Hägglund, CEO of ICA-handlarnas Förbund, VR conference with their top 40 management team.

“Really fun and exciting”

Jacob Michelsen, researcher at The research institute of Sweden (RISE), regarding a mingling event made in collaboration with Visual Sweden.