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Metaverse are virtual worlds where users can explore and interact with content and each other through different devices

Around the Corner is a company that offers unique content, solutions and extensive know-how. We explore and develop the values Metaverse enables in close cooperation with our customers. Companies such as Ericsson, Pfizer, Sweco, Ica and Swish have engaged AtC as their technical and commercial Metaverse partner.


Guide every business and organisation into the unlimited magic and possibilities that Metaverses enables



Around the Corner is a Metaverse company that, on behalf of our clients, creates digital copies of physical environments as well as fictional worlds where people can meet, share information and discover the uniqueness that a Metaverse offers together.

By making the unimaginable possible we strengthen and accelerate our clients possibilities of visualizing products, services and interact with customers and employees in a new virtual way.

Some examples of our content and experiences


An immersive way of placing products and services in the right context and narrative.

The core strength with Metaverses is that you are limitless in the type of worlds you can create. It can be a digital clone of an existing or a non-built physical environment or an space emphasizing your products characteristics.

In a Metaverse you can elaborate with space, time and dimension and empower your market communication.


Just like a TV-studio you can now have your own Meta-studio broadcasting to Teams, Zoom etc.

During the pandemic a new way of communicating emerged and there are now professionally equipped studios in many offices and meeting facilities.

A way of empower broadcasts is to do a part of this with VR headsets within a Metaverse studio where you can invite remote guests, have a panel discussion or do a classic management presentation.

Around the corner Studios


Gather the entire company for an inspiring session with talks, break-out sessions and After Work

Humans are social beings and we love to interact and socialise. We also know that different external factors can make this hard and from a sustainable perspective we should minimise our traveling.

By using a Metaverse you can gather an unlimited amount of participants, experience new worlds together and do all kinds of relation and team building activities.


Get inspired and take part of what others companies are doing.


We love to talk about Metaverse and the industrial opportunities and challenges it enables. Interested in having us as a keynote, guest speaker, or in a panel discussion? Contact us for further information

The best way to grasp a Metaverse is to enter a Metaverse

Therefore we have built demo rooms where you and your colleagues can experience a custom made Metaverse to get inspiration and understanding. Follow the links and accept access to mic and camera.

Feeling unsure? Contact us for a demo!