We offer extensive know-how, content and solutions, and in close cooperation with our customers and partners we develop the

operational values that Metaverse enables



Around the Corner is a business-to-business company with a unique position and experience in the fast growing Metaverse industry

Since the pandemic started we have guided and helped 50+ companies and thousands of people to enter 3D environments from a professional perspective. This phenomenon, Metaverse, enables a new range of digital tools, possibilities and human interactions.

Today, companies such as Ericsson, Pfizer, Sweco and Swish have engaged AtC as their technical and commercial partner to explore and develop industry and company-unique solutions.

Our team is a combination of experienced strategy-, business- and technical consultants and experts; supported by 3D artists, programmers, project leaders and educators.

Together we guide new and existing clients from wherever they are in their Metaverse journey. It can be everything from an inspirational talk, a demo, a creative workshop to formulate and execute a strategy or develop a first proof of concept.

We also connect companies with each other to share experiences to better understand what to focus on and what to avoid.

Meet us in Metaverse

To understand what Metaverse is all about you needs a first-hand experience.

We have created an open space for you to enter and try it out. Invite some people and have a meeting, all for free.

Follow the link, press “CONNECT”, accept access to mic and camera and enjoy!



“How do we start?”, “what can we do?”, “what is the value?”, “does it require VR glasses?”, “What is Metaverse?”, “is it expensive?” “are there different platforms?” and so on… The questions are many and we have the answers. We love to share our knowledge to help you understand if Metaverse is something for your business. 

Some of our services


We love to talk about Metaverse!

We recommend starting your Metaverse journey with an inspiring talk. And it doesn’t matter if you are a small team, a management group, an entire company, a fair or a global summit.

We have professional speakers for all kinds of occasions and do weekly talks worldwide.

Consulting Services

We guide you into the future!

Ready for the next step? Within Around the Corner we have former IT CEOs, business and strategy developers, AI specialists, graphical designers, animators and highly skilled programmers.

All kinds of competencies that are ready and prepared to help you formulate the best case ever seen before (in your company).

Content and experiences

We design and develop!

We start by listening to you and what you would like to achieve. Then we recommend a platform (we are platform independent) for you and start with the design end development process.

We build everything from digital twins of future and existing buildings and environments to fictional worlds to emphasize storytelling.

We also develop unique interactions and digital tools so you can fully utilize your Metaverse


Guide every business and organisation into the unlimited magic and possibilities that Metaverses enables


Interested in having us as a keynote, guest speaker, or in a panel discussion? Contact us for further information

Around the Corner, in collaboration with Mojang Studios, Microsoft and Visual Sweden, invites the global Minecraft community to the Swedish charity TV show “Serious Request 2022″ (Musikhjälpen)

For press and media, contact Tomas Bendz

Serious Request is a family of annual multi-day, multimedia fundraising events for International Red Cross initiatives, typically hosted by radio and TV stations in the week before Christmas. DJs make an interactive, themed broadcast around the clock, while regular programming on the station is suspended.

Serious Request in Sweden 2022 will be broadcasted live from the square Kungstorget in Gothenburg for 144 hours. A specially made glass house is built at the square where the show hosts will be locked in during the production and broadcast. There will also be a live audience in front of the glass house.

This year AtC in cooperation with major brands is recreating the event in Minecraft to broaden the engagement and interaction between the production and the audience.