Proof of Concept

Client: Sweco Sverige AB

Project: Enhanced citizen dialogue

Industry: Society building

We are proud to share our collaboration with Sweco Sverige AB, a leader in society building. We used Metaverse to enhance the value of digital twins (virtual replicas of buildings) for the civil engineering industry. We aimed to use digital twins to engage citizens in urban planning and increase transparency, participation, and satisfaction among the stakeholders.

We selected the Magnentus tower in Norrköping municipality as a pilot project and brought its digital twin to FrameVR. The Magnentus tower is a 16-story residential building that will be located in the city center.

We developed three simulation modules that show how the tower will affect the sunlight, look at different heights, and appear with different surface materials, all from a neighbour’s point of view. These modules allow the citizens to experience the tower's impact on their surroundings and provide feedback in real-time. The feedback can be used by Sweco to improve the design and planning of the tower and ensure that it meets the needs and expectations of the community.

Visits the project:


About the project (Sweco)

Article about Metaverse and Around the Corner in the industry paper "Samhällsbyggaren"

Another article about the project From a Sweco perspective in Samhällsbyggaren

Learning & education

Client: Swish

Project: Business solution education

Industry: Payment solutions

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Swish, a leading and innovative Swedish tech and payment solution company. Swish is always looking for new and immersive ways to deliver its services to the market. They decided to explore Metaverse and how it can be used for different purposes and situations.

In the first case, we created “The Swish plaza”, a virtual space where visitors can experience different scenarios to learn more about the Swish for business solutions. We had to develop new integration and interaction solutions to make the experience the way Swish wanted it.

When visitors enter the plaza, they automatically have a mobile phone in their hand. When they approach one of the marked information signs, the mobile interacts with the presented information and displays it on the screen. The custom-made solutions make the Plaza very suitable for education and training, and that’s how Swish uses it today.

Swish article (EN)

Swish article (SWE)


"Unbelievably awesome"

Maria Hellström, CEO of Kvadrat, regarding VR conference with over 300 participants.

"Creates incredible value"

Fredrik Hägglund, CEO of ICA-handlarnas Förbund, VR conference with their top 40 management team.

"Really fun and exciting"

Jacob Michelsen, researcher at The research institute of Sweden (RISE), regarding a mingling event made in collaboration with Visual Sweden.

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