About Us

Around the Corner is a company founded during the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the restrictions and the search for digital meeting alternatives we brought the competencies from two companies, Time Traveller and Dyno Robotics, and conducted the first large corporate VR meeting in Europe with the consultant agency Kvadrat.

With all the knowledge and media attention we received from conducting the Kvadrat meeting and with over 400 participants spread all around Sweden, we received calls from all kind of companies and industries that wanted to explore the possibilities that opens up with social 3D platforms, aka, Metaverses.



Fredrik Löfgren

CTO & Co-founder

By executing numerous customer projects during the past years Fredrik and Tomas have with their programming-, 3D design- and project team built the fundament and know-how within social interactions that today define Around The Corner.

Tomas Bendz

CEO & Co-founder

Fredrik Löfgren

A 30-year-old entrepreneur who all his life has been interested in building things and understanding technology. Fredrik built his first robot when he was 7 years old, started his first company selling web pages as a teenager and has started and driven different tech companies since then. Besides that, and the fact that Fredrik is the silver medalist in the world cup for robotics, the winner of SVT´s Genikampen and a highly requested speaker he´s also connected to Linköping's University where he focuses on Artificial Intelligence and robotics.

Tomas Bendz

Have spent a lot of his 46 years within large companies such as SAS group, Goodyear and Media Markt building and executing commercial strategies. Tomas has been responsible for setting up and implementing projects and initiatives within sales and revenue management all around the world and amongst other roles he was Global Director Sales Development at SAS with a turnover responsibility of SEK 10 billion. 2015 Tomas founded a non-profit youth organization and from there he founded a company with a focus on new and emerging technologies.

Jens Johansson

Head of Learning & Support

Tim Eriksson

Programming & Technical Support Manager

"Our success story so far is the result of our ability to respond to market demand and gain our customer’s trust based on our knowledge of technology combined with commercial excellence"

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